The reasons why wordpress website is infected with malicious code, virus –

In the process of operating and using the website, being infected with malicious code can be one of the unpleasant experiences that can cause your website to have many problems, and the following are the causes of the wordpress website infected with malicious code, viruses.

1. Setting a password is too simple

If you are still wondering that your website administration information is safe and not disclosed to anyone, but your website is still infected with viruses or malicious code, you can also think right down to how to set your name and password. Setting names and passwords is too simple and common such as: 12345678…, your date of birth, admin, etc., then it becomes much simpler for hackers to find out this information with simple tools. a lot of. Therefore, setting a complex password is extremely necessary and contributes to ensuring your website is safe in today’s Internet environment. In addition, organizations also recommend that you do not set the same password for all accounts on the Internet such as: gmail, yahoo, facebook, …

2. Install less secure plugins

Plugins are extension components that help Website have more features depending on needs. Although the management team does censorship of plugins from the WordPress.Org community, it is inevitable that many plugins have vulnerabilities, or are not patched over time, which are very vulnerable to hackers. The best way to choose a plugin is to prioritize a plugin that is regularly updated by the author, highly voted (See also plugins that are voted 1 star, why they are so low).

3. Information security

The next reason that your website is infected with malicious code, virus is that your administrative information, database, … is stolen or exposed to the outside. Knowing the website administrator information, bad guys can take advantage of it to damage as well as destroy your website, adversely affecting your operation and work.

4. Use Themes for free, without copyright

This is the most common cause. Many themes online are shared and downloaded for free. But when you download Themes, the hacker (or the sharer) has inserted a malicious code inside it, so it is too easy for them to exploit. The advice is to use Copyrighted Themes, or Free Themes from reputable sources.

5. The source code is too old

The next reason that your website is regularly attacked and infected with malicious code is the source code or your current source code version is using too old. Updating source code vendors to newer versions is a way to patch older versions and prevent customers’ websites from attacks on the Internet. So, if you are using a website with a source code version, the source code is too old, making it easier than ever for hackers to break into your system.