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If you are suspecting that your blog/website is infected with malware and want to find a reputable and effective tool, immediately read the article “8 best malware scanning tools for wordpress” below.

 1. Sucuri SiteCheck

SiteCheck is an online tool by Sucuri, one of the best security and firewall services for WordPress. This product provides a malware scanner for your website to look for malware, spam, suspicious websites,…

The tool also checks your site on several domain blacklist tools including Google Safe Browsing. Sucuri’s SiteCheck tool not only scans the URL you enter, but also gets information about other pages linked from it for a quick and comprehensive scan.

2.    Scan My Server 

It is a good choice to scan for malware, SQL injections, XSS and provides a detailed report on blog/website security issues. However, this tool requires you to provide an email address along with adding backlinks (in the form of a logo) to the blog/website to verify ownership. The report will be emailed to you in approximately 24 hours.

3.     Quttera

Quttera provides a useful online vulnerability scanner that thoroughly checks, crawls through your website looking for suspicious files, malicious code, iframe embedding, redirects and links outside.

The tool also checks your domain among blacklisted domain name databases including Google Safe Browsing, Malware Domain List, PhishTank and more. The detailed report is divided into different sections and you can click on each item to see the scan results.

4.     Malcare Security Plugins

Malcare Security is a plugin that aims to keep your blog safe from attacks. It easily cleans malicious code in one click. This plugin is developed by the developers of Blogvault, one of the popular WordPress backup plugins.


The Malcare plugin scans your website from its own server and will not affect your site’s performance. It claims that any malware will be cleaned and secured in a minute.

The Malcare plan starts at $99 per year and includes advanced security features like malware scanning, attack protection, and more. It is trusted by many big companies like SAP, Adobe, Yoast, Wpengine.

5.    Anti-Malware Security and Brute Force Firewall

The Anti-Malware Security plugin is free and available in the WordPress plugin repository. It is one of the best plugins to scan and remove malicious code or malware from your website easily. The feature is easy to use and is loved and used by many bloggers. These are very simple yet powerful plugins that will scan WordPress core files and remove all malicious code with one click.

6.    WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

WordPress Vulnerability Scanner scans your WordPress malware for common website vulnerabilities. This tool will scan your WordPress version, installed plugins, check for plugins with known vulnerabilities.

The site also offers several other security scanning tools that are helpful in detecting websites with compromised security.

7. Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web is another useful tool to scan your WordPress malware for security threats. The tool uses Symantec’s advanced detection technologies to find common malware, phishing, and spam.

8. ScanWP

ScanWP is a basic WordPress virus and vulnerability scanner. This tool will check your WordPress version to see if you are using the latest version. ScanWP also detects the generator tag and sees if your site is displaying it.

The generator tag shows the WordPress version you are using. Some security experts believe this can help hackers effectively target a website and they recommend removing the WordPress tag generator.